ice cream making process


When we produce the ice cream, we make a single base each day (for example coconut on Monday, cashew on Tuesday, peanut on Wednesday).  We completely disassemble and wash the machine at the end of each day, and re-sanitize it at the beginning of each day.  Within each day, we make flavors in the order from least allergens to most, so for example anything with gluten (like cookies) is made at the end of the day.

Ice cream service


In the shop, we have three separate dip wells where we keep the scoops: one for cashews and almond, one for peanut, and one for coconut, sunflower, and fruit sorbets.  We have arranged our ice creams within the dip case to keep similar bases together and prevent cross-contamination from drag-over (so for instance, we would not put peanut butter behind coconut, because as the peanut scoop is carried to the cone some of it might fall into the coconut and contaminate it). 

Our scoops are always happy to take extra precautions at your request, such as washing and sanitizing a scoop before using it (just in case it might have ended up in the wrong dip well)  or scooping out of a new bucket if there is one ready (in case of accidental cross-contamination).  

Each of the flavor cards on the front of the dip case have a front title card and a back ingredient card. Feel free to unclip these flavor cards and check out the ingredients. We also have an ingredient binder behind the counter filled with ingredient information for all of the toppings, cones, soft serve, ice cream cakes and ice cream that we serve.

We're always happy to share information to help you make the right decisions.  It's all part of our goal to make ice cream for everyone!

soft serve


We also have a coconut/soy milk vanilla soft serve- it's the original recipe we started the business with, and it's a customer favorite.  It is made from scratch as a liquid and then frozen in the soft serve machine, which we purchased new and has never had anything but our soft serve in it.  This is the ice cream with the absolute lowest risk for cross-contamination, and we recommend this for customers with severe allergies.  You can add any of our delicious toppings for flavor variety, or order a shake!


We use a combination of invert sugars and cane sugar in most of our ice creams. 

Our Toasted Coconut flavor is sweetened with organic agave. 

We're proud to introduce a new line of No Sugar Added ice creams that are sweetened with organic stevia an inulin. Try them in Chocolate Coconut or Strawberry!