Summer time and new flavors!

We're heading into August, traditionally our busiest month, and we're busy in the kitchen preparing your favorites, bringing back some special requests, and cooking up some new things. Flavor availability can vary from day to day, so call ahead to see what seasonals are in the shop!


Strange Craving is an homage to our pregnant customers and all those with tastes a little off the beaten path.  We've paired our best-selling peanut butter base with sweet bread and butter pickles for a unique frozen treat.

Mango Peach Orange Cinnamon is like a smooth creamy slice of cobbler a la mode with no gluten to worry about!  Both warm and refreshing, it tastes like summer and childhood memories.

Mojito Sorbet is our take on the classic Cuban drink. Lime juice, sugar, fresh mint, and just a hint of rum make a refreshing sorbet suitable for all ages.

Mango Sorbet is a classic and a customer favorite.  It's like a ripe mango in a cold bright scoop.

Vanilla Pecan Porter is one of our experimental new flavors.  It's got a nice hint of bitter pecan porter balanced by our coconut-based vanilla and candied pecans.

Let us know what you think of these and other seasonal flavors!