We're so glad you've decided to carry Sweet Ritual products as part of your offerings. Since you will be representing our brand, there are just a few steps to ensure that our products are always at their highest quality. We make every effort to keep prices affordable, however, since our ingredients can undergo extreme price changes our prices are subject to change. We reevaluate our cost of goods every 3 months, and will give at least one week's notice of any price changes.

  • All plastic containers and lids must be returned clean and in good condition. Containers and lids are the property of Sweet Ritual and are not to be used for any other purpose, including storing of other foods. Any containers returned dirty or smelly will be subject to a cleaning fee of $5 each. Paper packaging is recyclable.

  • Preferred payment is by check or online payment, contact us for additional payment options. Default terms are net 15.

    Storing and serving ice cream:

Although ice cream will last a long time when stored frozen and undisturbed, it can quickly lose quality when it starts being served. In order to make sure that you are moving through product quickly enough to keep it at its best quality, we require that you must order at least every three weeks. If you are not moving through product quickly enough to meet that minimum, the product will not maintain its quality. Ice cream stays fresher when properly cared for overnight. At the end of each night, you must scrape down the sides of the container with a flat tool, such as an ice cream spade. This will prevent ice crystals from forming and save you money by not losing product. Ice cream must be covered with cling film (or similar protection) at night, with the film directly contacting the surface of the ice cream. The less the ice cream has direct air exposure, the better the quality.
We will occasionally stop by to check on the quality of the product being served. If it is not a good representation of our product and brand we will discuss with you ways to properly store and serve. If we experience multiple occasions of poor quality, your contract may be terminated.
Please let us know if there is anything you need from us. We are happy to offer free onsite training for your employees in scooping and storing ice cream; contact us to schedule a time. We are so pleased to have Sweet Ritual represented by your company, and hope to ensure that all of your guests enjoy our products as much as everything you serve. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship!



Order by 1pm on Mondays, delivery will be from 9am-12pm on Thursdays.
If you are picking up from our Burnet factory, pickup is from 9am-4pm Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. You must bring your own cooler for pickup.

$26 .00 Serves 32 four oz scoops of ice cream.
$60.00 Serves 75 four oz scoops of ice cream. Octopack is recyclable. Octopack fits standard holes in all three gallon round dipping cabinets.
Tier 1 Flavors
$50.00 per 9.5 qt white bucket. Serves 75 four oz scoops of ice cream.
Tier 2 Flavors
$60.00 per 9.5 qt white bucket. Serves 75 four oz scoops of ice cream.
Tier 3 Flavors
$75.00 per 9.5 qt white bucket. Serves 75 four oz scoops of ice cream.
Seasonal Flavors
Prices vary.
Add delivery to your order? *
If your order is less than $170, Sweet Ritual will deliver to your business for a $20 fee.