Made with Love and care

We make everything from scratch, right in our shop.  Every ounce is carefully weighed to make sure every scoop is just as delicious as the last.  We don't add unnecessary artificial colors or flavors: our strawberry ice cream has beet juice to give it the perfect pink blush, and spirulina lends our mint chip a hint of green. We are always looking to source more local ingredients like Hill Country lavender and Fredericksburg peaches. We get most of our ingredients from local distributors like ToGoCo, who provides all of our compostable paper goods,  and Southern Style Spices who brings us toasted cashews. We love working with other Austin businesses to create new flavors and products: try the Cookies 'n' Creme with gluten-free Better Bites Bakery chocolate cookies or get your sundae with a fudgy chocolate brownie from Capital City Bakery. 

The art and science of ice cream

We went through a LOT of trial and error before we perfected our recipe, and we're still tweaking it every day to make sure our ice cream is always smooth, creamy, cold, and delicious without the dairy.  Since we don't use milk or cream, we've taken a scientific approach to getting it just right, finding the perfect balance of liquids, sugars, fats, and proteins to make it taste just right.  Every new addition changes the balance and we adjust accordingly. Using a wide variety of bases has made us nimble and adaptable.  After making ice cream out of nuts, coconut milk, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, and avocado, we feel like we could make it out of just about anything.  Making vegan ice cream is a beautiful blend of being a scientist in a lab and a painter sitting before a canvas.  We pride ourselves on pairing ingredients to provide just the right balance of flavors, and we're always experimenting with new combinations.