2014-01-14_1389730313Our ice cream is made fresh daily in small batches with real ingredients. The ice cream is made without dairy, eggs or casein. The majority of our options are gluten free.

Daily Flavors:

(cashew base, gluten free)
Vanilla Soft Serve
(coconut, organic soy, gluten free)
Salted Caramel
(coconut base, gluten free)
Toasted Coconut
(coconut base, gluten free)
(almond base, gluten free)
Cubano Coffee
(cashew base, gluten free, organic coffee and cinnamon)
Cookies & Cream
(coconut base, contains gluten)
Rocky Road
(almond base, dark chocolate, vegan marshmallows, gluten free)
Chocolate Chai
(almond base, dark chocolate, chai spices, gluten free)
Mint Chip
(coconut base, dark chocolate, peppermint, spirulina, gluten free)
(cashew base, real strawberries, beet juice, gluten free)
Cinnamonkey Elephantastic
(Sunbutter base, roasted bananas, cinnamon, gluten free)
Peanut Butter Cup
(peanut base, dark chocolate chunks, gluten free)
& Four Rotating Specials



  1. valerie says:

    We don’t have the resources to have all of our flavors professionally analyzed for complete nutritional information such as calories, fat, etc. You can probably assume the nutritional content is not too different than other vegan ice creams available. If you have any specific questions about ingredients, please email us at Thanks!

  2. valerie says:

    Yes! We’ve cleaned up our menu to make it easier to order, but all of your favorite sundaes are still available if you ask for them!

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