Sweet Ritual first opened its doors on December 15, 2011.  Amelia Raley and Valerie Ward started the company with their combined experience in the ice cream world (Amelia at Toy Joy, Valerie at Amy's) to provide delicious dairy-free ice cream to as many people as possible.  Sweet Ritual opened with two flavors of soft serve (one vanilla, the same classic recipe we use today, and one rotating seasonal flavor).

Six years later, Sweet Ritual has expanded to include 16 scooped flavors of ice cream, as well as vanilla soft serve. Valerie and Amelia remain the only two owners and are jointly in charge of all areas of the company's operation. Sweet Ritual is committed to making the best dairy-free ice cream and providing an unparalleled customer experience in a way that is sustainable financially, socially, and ecologically to the benefit of the company, its employees, our community, and our planet. We believe in high standards, open communication, and shared prosperity. 

Valerie Ward, owner

Amelia Raley, owner